Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nightly dose of Duluth

If your not lucky enough to live in Duluth you must check the live cams each night.
Tonight its a stunning photo taken from the Army Corps of Engineers building on the Canal.
Dead calm with some lake ice in the distance. It's very nice to see. Some winters are unbearable in Duluth, this year is very mild.


Andrew Slade said...

Great picture! I find some great images at times from the Minnesota Power cam as well; it scans the horizon all day, so it points in different directions. said...

There are many cams and I like
them all. I really have a fondness
for Duluth. Not sure if its the setting or the history of the place. But there is a real draw.
And of course its the gateway
to the North Shore. Never get
tired of that drive.