Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lester Park Minnesota

Amity Creek flows thru the nice neighborhood of Lester Park on the Eastern end of Duluth Minnesota. The start of Skyline drive on it's eastern extension is Seven Bridges Road. A nice drive up from East Superior Street. I think the bridge in the picture is bridge six?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

A big attraction in the Duluth Minnesota area on the holiday weekend is Canal Park and the Duluth Shipping Canal. You can check the Shipping News and see when ships are arriving and departing.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Research Vessel Kiyi

Look what is tied up to the seawall in Grand Marais tonight. The research vessel Kiyi from Ashland Wisconsin. Click on the link below to find out their mission each spring.

Friday, May 20, 2011

South Shore of Superior

Just north of Bayfield along the south shore is Little Sand Bay. There is a park service boat launch and and a small harbor. A few slips for boats and a excellent beach. The beaches on the south shore are very sandy and the water so clear. It was a fantastic blue clear day when we visited. You could see all the way to Minnesota's North Shore. There is a excellent campground and very nice facilities.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chester Bowl Duluth Minnesota

Up on Skyline Drive above the Chester Park neighborhood in Duluth Minnesota is a real gem of a small neighborhood ski hill. Run by a small staff and volunteers it's a very nice community gathering place in the wintertime. It shocked me to see just how little they charge for lift tickets.

Imagine living in a neighborhood with your own ski hill nearby? That is winter Duluth style. A quality of life for winter sports lovers. And what do you do with all the old used rental skis? You don't want to toss them in a landfill. They aren't really worth anything or sought after. The answer is you make a art project out of them on the shed. It really turned out colorful and nice.

On May 7th volunteers attached them to the shed. More can be found on the ski hill website link below. Chester bowl is also home to some old ski jumps. Ski jumping was huge in Duluth back in the early days and Chester Bowl was the site of a National Competition once. I really can't imagine going off a ski jump of that size or any size for that matter.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Yesterday in the fog Grand Marais Minnesota looked like a watercolor painting down at the harbor. The area has a real sense of place. So much to do there. The area has a real vibe to it with the shops and artists.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mr. Cook, Mr. Snively and Glacial Lake Duluth.

What I really enjoy about the Lake Superior Region is it has awe inspiring history. You only need look around a bit and you start a complete story that you can research for hours. Spring makes me think of Skyline Drive above Duluth Minnesota. Hawk Ridge and the bird migration is something to do on the drive. Hundreds of birds migrate past in the early spring and again in the fall. The drive alone is simply wonderful way up above the city. The views of the lake are outstanding. The former mayor of Duluth knew this however and it was his dream and life goal to build the Skyline Parkway. Which he did over his entire life.

Samuel Frisby Snively (November 24, 1859 – November 7, 1952) was the mayor of Duluth, Minnesota from 1921–1937. His legacy as mayor will be largely remembered for the tremendous effort he put into the creation of numerous parks and boulevards throughout the city, particularly Seven Bridges Road and Skyline Parkway.

A fellow named Cook also saw the beauty of being up high and bought a piece of property up above the city. The lot had many cobbles and rocks all over it. What do you do with all of that? Build your house out of it that’s what you do! It is one of the most interesting houses on the Skyline Parkway I think.

But it doesn’t stop there, why was his lot all covered with these rocks anyway? That is a great deal of rocks? How did they all get there? Because during the time of the glacier the lake level was at the height of the Skyline Parkway. It was the shoreline and all those cobbles washed up on that ridge that is now the Parkway. That was the shoreline of what was then called Glacial Lake Duluth. Many hundreds of feet higher then today’s lake level.

All of this from a simple drive on Skyline Parkway in spring time. I need to drive up there again next weekend.

And thankfully we have these old postcards so we can see it all as it was back then.

I have the pictures in present day but I prefer the postcards.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Satellite shot of the region shows snow and lake ice.

I was so inspired by this satellite shot that I had to post it. Today was sunny this morning so there was a good clear shot of the Lake Superior Region. Yes that is ice on the Boundary Waters lakes of Minnesota. Part of Thunder Bay in Ont. still has ice as does Black Bay Ont. On the top of the Bayfield Peninsula that is snow and the Porcupine Mountains still have a spot of snow near the Lake of the Clouds. And over in the Huron Mts. there is snow as well. And the top of Mt. Brockway has snow at the top of that spine of the Keweenaw of the U.P. In the Penokee Mts near Mellon Wi. looks like snow also. Now I want to jump in the car and start touring the entire region. So much to do and see. Put everything on Craigslist and Ebay and just live in my car with my camera. How long would it take before it got old? I'm guessing alot longer then you would think.

Honeymoon Bluff

I was going to do a where is Waldo quiz here but I know folks would know this spot. A bit chilly this spring but that isn't stopping our spring touring of the Northshore. The climb up Honeymoon Bluff is short but steep. The view is outstanding of Hungry Jack Lake below a few hundred feet. And while up on top a small snow squall blew threw and told us that it's not quite spring in the region. We hiked around and worked up a appetite and went down to Grand Marais for Lunch. In the top picture you can just about see the snow coming in the distance. I have some fear that this summers tourist season might see the effects of high gasoline prices. I always like to see families with young kids on the Northshore having a good time. When hiking or touring the waterfalls it's always nice to see kids discovering the wonder of it all. Lake Superior waves and rocks however always seem to be the biggest draw.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Past ice in Duluth

We have had a cool April and a few snowfalls. But in the past it took time for spring to arrive as well. This shot from the tower cam of the local TV station shows the ice on Minnesota Point.