Sunday, July 31, 2011

Temperance River State Park, Mn.

Temperance River State Park on the North Shore is open again. In the hot weather people were taking advantage of swimming in the cool water. And some brave dudes were cliff jumping. It was a good drop as one kid said his feet really hurt from hitting the water. There as you can see was a zodiac in case somebody needed to be fished out. Still it's risky and I'd not do it. It has to be a 40 foot plus drop. Numerous people have died in this river just wading and being swept over the falls. There have been some very sad stories in recent years in this area. Best to just enjoy the views and the falls from the walkways.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's high summer Festival time!

It’s high summer tourist season and festival time. It’s nonstop from here at Grand Marais Mn. It all begins with the Dragon Boat Festival this weekend, followed by the big Fisherman’s picnic and then the Rendezvous at Grand Portage. On the top picture is the quiet harbor which won’t be that way this weekend when those Dragon Boats get going.
A good vantage point is from the roof of the Gunflint Tavern in the second photo and my favorite place to stay is in the last photo. I really enjoy the old fashion family lodge with all the hiking trails and the Cascade stream and River for the waterfalls. I will be there for one of the festivals. I only wish I could do them all. I could park myself there all summer and never be bored. So much to do and see.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The fog comes,on little cat feet.....

On Artist Point the fog came in one evening and left as quick as it arrived.
The fog horn sounded and then it was gone.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sky Dan Moose Plane, Grand Marais,Mn.

In Grand Marias Minnesota you can take a ride on a Cessna float plane and look for a moose. Not your everyday occurance at all. Flying alone in a Cessna is alot of fun,taking off and landing in a float plane is more exciting. The landscape of the Boundary Waters and Forest is a huge expanse.And there she is, a cow moose in a marshy pond digging around for aquadic plants for dinner. Yes that spot in the last picture is the moose from about 800 feet. I didn't have my zoom lens with me. But you get the idea. Sometimes in the afternoons Anderson Aero is at the Grand Marais harbor. Sky Dan is a nick name of course. Our pilot was his partner Mike. They know the spots for moose. What I really enjoy is seeing the entire area by air. What lakes I didn't know the pilot sure did of course. You really can cover the landscape in minutes. We were all the way up to the Brule River to the North at one point. Hikers know that river as you can hike to Devil's Kettle waterfall at Judge Magney State Park. The Naniboujou Lodge is there as well.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More of North Shore Holiday Grand Marais, MN.

No Upper Michigan this summer. No Canada either. We had so much fun on the North shore we are going to go again next month and again in the fall. So much to do! So until next month I'm peaking at web cam during the day of the harbor in Grand Marais Mn. The Cascade Lodge just south of Grand Marais is a wonderful old lodge. The cabins next to Cascade Creek are great fun. Hiking in the stream bed, on the trails and over to the Cascade river for the waterfalls. The wildflower trail was very nice as the flowers were in bloom late this year. Hike and make yourself hungry for a nice dinner in town or at the lodge. Drive up the Gunflint trail for hiking up to bluff tops. Find your thrill on Blueberry Hill at Northern Lights lake. The girl in the bottom photo is named the girl who climbs lighthouses. This lighthouse is in Two Harbors Minnesota on the start of the drive up the coast from Duluth.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

North Shore July Holiday

The Fourth of July week holiday up the North shore is over. The weather was fantastic. What is the North Shore without a stop in Grand Marais? Drinks on the top of the Gunflint Tavern,a walk out on Artist Point to the lighthouse and a stroll around town to the shops. The dining at the local restaurants is always a real treat. I like them all and wouldn't even rate them. Each has very good points. Breakfast at the Blue Water Cafe, dinner at the Gunflint Tavern or the Angry Trout. Lunch at the Crooked Spoon. The ice cream break at Sidney's over looking East Bay. The Java Moose is a favorite also while harbor watching. Walk the hiking trails just outside of town to work up a good appetite for dinner. Take a drive up the Gunflint trail and hike up a few overlooks. The list is endless! Even with the State shutdown there was more then plenty to do as access to trails and parks was still available in many places. Pictures above were taken on the run with a I-Phone. More photos to come!