Sunday, February 21, 2010

Illgen City Minnesota

Over 30 years ago on the first ever trip up the North shore of Minnesota we got as far as the little village of Illgen City. We simply didn't have the time or resources to continue further. But of course we wanted to just keep going. The North shore has that effect on you, what is around
the next bend on the coast? We can make Canada today! So many stops along the way and wonderful State Parks of course impeded our progress on that long weekend. We had to turn around and start heading back. Back when the road opened up in the 1920's they build what
were called Tourist Parks or Motorist Parks. They had places to camp or cabins for rent. Often they had a cafe in front. Also there were Lodges but these were more costly for the travelers. When people started traveling for tourism they were called Tin Can Tourists because the would bring canned foods and cook them on the campfire while sitting on the running boards of the Model A. We camped in State Parks out of the car and pup tent and there were no tin cans but there were hot dogs and Snicker bars. It's really wonderful history.

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