Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall color tour

The Presque Isle River of the Porkie Mts are the place to be during the fall color season.Interesting rock formations and colorful backgrounds. The hiking was very nice as you follow the river all the way to Lake Superior. On the way back to the parking lot we heard some folks talking about bears. We had just missed a bear walking along the parking lot heading toward the camping area.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Harbor Haus of Copper Harbor Mi.

Unique dining can be found at the Harbor Haus at Copper Harbor Michigan.
As you enter, you first notice the copper doors. In the entry is a bear greeting diners.
Located right on the harbor it has a nice view of the ship that leaves for Isle Royale daily.
When the ship returns in the evening, the staff does a silly dance welcoming it back.
The staff wearing German dress serves a list of wonderful dishes. That saucer shaped building next to the restaurant is their bed and breakfast. Take a stroll on their dock after dinner and look at the sunset. It is an interesting must do while visiting Copper Harbor. And there is that Brit couple again, being a small village you might run into the same people often while touring.
Her main concern was a good stiff drink and a Chocolate Souffle'. The fellow was just pleased to stand next to a bear.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hunters Point Copper Harbor Michigan

Just West of Copper Harbor Michigan on M-26 about one mile from the village is a road to the right that takes you to Hunters Point. Newly acquired and saved with donations so the public can hike. This wonderful rugged shoreline is very beautiful and changes as you hike along. And there is that Brit couple again sporting their rain slickers just in case of a shower.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brockway Mountaintop Views

After leaving Eagle Harbor Michigan it's a short drive to Brockway Mountain Drive.
At the top is quite a view of Lake Superior and some fall colors. That is lake Medora in the background behind a lovely British couple who were visiting Upper Michigan. They seemed to really enjoy being windblown? They remarked while it wasn't the Scottish Highlands there were more trees.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Eagle Harbor Michigan

The coast of the Keweenaw is the Maine of the Midwest according to some guides.
It is very lovely and scenic. The small village of Eagle Harbor Michigan is a postcard.
The lighthouse and harbor have a New England feel to it. You think I could spend a week here just relaxing,reading and hiking. If your lucky like we were you get the nice weather very late in the season. The local history is very rich and the local historical society does a great job telling it. Not a single Inn or restaurant disappointed us. Locals were more then friendly and very good at their jobs. I can't recall better service even for lunch. It's a quieter and slower pace of course due to the remote area. The summer crowds if any are gone in the early fall. Hiking trails abound and mountain top views are impressive. More to follow!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Entering Snow Country

Crossing the Portage River and Houghton/Hancock Michigan into the Keweenaw you know your entering snow country because there is a huge gauge showing you the record snowfalls. The amounts are staggering to think about. Sure it doesn't come all at once but it's still the record of 1978-79 of 390 inches that makes you think. Don't people get sick of shoveling? Do they just hibernate and wait until spring? Does everybody have to own a 4WD truck? Just going to get groceries is a adventure when your living deep in Keweenaw Country.