Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gooseberry State Park Minnesota

One of my favorite Minnesota State Parks. On the upper trail to the falls they have a wonderful display dedicated to the CCC workers that built the buildings,stone work and trails in the park. I just read the book about CCC camps in Minnesota. It is called "Hard Work and a Good Deal". During the Depression these boys were more then eager for the work and the adventure that came with being in the North land. In Michigan they were also working on Isle Royale but that is another topic. The Gooseberry River name was a curious thing to me in the past when visiting back in the early 1980's? Why that name? Where are the berries?? But what I have found by reading is it's a corruption of the explorer's name Groseilliers. Some map maker really botched that up but good. I have found this to be true for many locations in the north.

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