Monday, May 31, 2010

Grizz Works

Just outside of Maple Wisconsin is a woodworker that uses a chain saw to make huge bears.He also makes Eagles and other animals. When you drive by on HWY 2 it's the big bears that
catch you eye.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

No mattter where you are.....

You always want to be somewhere else. I think that is human nature, we are never satisfied to be where we are right now at the moment. Sure the present place is fine but then you look at the Grand Marais live cam and want to be walking on Artist Point and afterward getting some Fish Chowder at Angry Trout for lunch. Also I can feel that wonderful cool breeze off the lake. During the end of June I'll be in the Grand Marais area for a several days. I can't wait!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day weekend and Buena Vista Supper Club

Recently while touring Skyline Drive I recalled the Buena Vista Super Club and Motel. Torn down and replaced by a Condo development that was built at the peak of the housing boom. It seems to be mostly empty due to financial problems. One of the best views in Duluth was from the dining room at the Buena Vista. The reason I know Duluth like I do is from failed Memorial Day weekend camping trips. We would do canoe trips and State Forest camping trips. 30 years ago on Memorial Day weekends it almost always was wet and cold.(Enter your own climate change rant) We could last about a day or two and then take to the motels in Duluth and tour around in the car to avoid the rain. Yes wimpy campers indeed. But because of this we did things in Duluth, ate and stayed in motels that are now all gone. But I saved postcards and pictures and really recall fondly these holiday weekend adventures.

Monday, May 24, 2010

El Grande View

It was a very nice weekend before the big rain storm hit on Sunday night.Good for touring around and sightseeing despite the Interstate 35 construction. The Bong Bridge was a good alternate for crossing from Wisconsin. It provides a different view of the St. Louis Bay then the normal High Bridge or Blatnik Bridge usual crossing. Canal Park was pretty quiet but I believe that will change next weekend. Can anybody guess where this scenic view of Duluth was taken from? I really like the city of Duluth and the North shore. It has alot of character.
Yes it is the Skyline Drive and the view from Enger Tower.
It truly is a gem that needs some updating on the road surface someday soon.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The season begins

The Pictured Rocks National Shoreline cruise is one of the nicest on Lake Superior.
I see by the Live Cam in Munising that the tour boats are at the dock and ready to go.
This area of Michigan is very rewarding to visit if you enjoy the beauty of Lake Superior and the cliffs. The water has a different color due to the sandstone I'm assuming. There are very nice beaches in Munising and AuTrain. Miners Beach is a favorite just east of town.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Defender of the Ore Dock?

The Falcons are nesting again on the CN Ore Dock. The efforts to stop them from doing so with netting and other devices has failed. They just simply found another spot further out on the dock. Removal of the dock can continue however further away from the nesting site if permits can be obtained. Last year the Falcons stopped the demolition of the dock which was rescheduled for this year. It might take years to remove the dock and it's going to be sad to see it go. The waterfront in Ashland will look vacant without it.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Delta Diner

South of Iron River Wisconsin on HWY H is the Delta Diner. This restored diner placed in the woods is just a wonderful place to eat. They do more then a excellent job of serving fine foods. Everything from bacon and eggs to a Prime Rib Sandwich for lunch. The setting in the township of Delta on a very scenic road makes it more enjoyable. Many lakes in the area with summer visitors will have this diner hopping all summer. They are open even in the winter on weekends.
If you like nostalgia this is the place for you. A real old fashion diner that is the real deal.
I have no idea who these people are? But they look a bit off center to me.

Friday, May 7, 2010

May winter storn

I was in Clam Lake Wisconsin in the Chequamegon National Forest last weekend which is located just south of Ashland Wisconsin. It was rather nice last weekend when I was there and not like in the picture shown. Yes that is a snow storm today on May 7th. Not unheard of of course but after such a warm spring it's a surprise. Mother nature seems to be good at this. Last weekend was the inland lake fishing season opener but I was just sightseeing.

Nasty May Day

April showers lead to May flowers? Or a snow squall? Really a blustery day down at the Duluth Shipping Canal today. Waves are large and winds are blowing hard due to a passing low pressure. You can't enjoy the nice days unless you have some nasty days. All weather is good and interesting to watch. The North land needs the rain.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Duluth Memories

Doing some rainy weekend house cleaning recently has generated interest in Duluth history that related to trips taken in the early 1980's. I like many would collect postcards from trips and places visited. Since these trips are nearing 30 years ago I've had to really think hard to recreate these experiences. (Wish I dated photos)
I also heard the saying that just because it happened to you doesn't make it interesting. So bear with me and enjoy the pictures at least. I recalled eating at the Flame Restaurant and the fact they had tour boats. The Flame Boat and the Flamingo boat. I can't find a postcard of the Flame Boat but found one of the Flamingo.
Also recall staying at London Road motels alot as this was the main passage thru Duluth before
the Interstate 35 was built thru Duluth. You would take Superior Street and London Road before heading north on HWY 61. Locals used to call it Motel Row because there were so many.
We would stay on London Road and take day trips to places of interest on the North Shore. Gooseberry Falls and hiking trails. I recall staying at the Edgewater Motel, Viking Motel and the Lake Aire Motel. There were others but I can't recall the names or have the postcards of them. Does anybody recall the others??