Saturday, February 26, 2011

Get lost places on Lake Superior

Part of the reason I like Lake Superior Region is because you can get lost. Not really of course but nice to have that feeling of away and lost from the normal everyday. Remote places have a real feeling of freedom to them. Your removed from the daily concerns that just don't matter when your next to something huge like the lake. Or how about something huge like massive sand dunes that are over 150 feet high! Way up in the U.P of Michigan just west of Grand Marais Michigan are the Grand Sable Dunes. These dunes take your breath away and will if you choose to climb down and back up again. It's time to start thinking of summer adventures during the last of winter. Where will we get lost this summer?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

History and a bite to eat.....

In Grand Marais Minnesota is a favorite place to dine. If you're looking for causal and good food this is the spot. Good view of the harbor as well. But it wasn't always called the Blue Water Cafe.
Back when it was called Dunord Cafe. Looks about the same as it did over 50 years ago! It's been the morning spot as long as folks can remember. Friends that had come in the 1960's still recall getting breakfast there. Good memories my friend tells me. They visited Grandpa's cabin on the Gunflint's East Bearskin Lake years ago. The family slides are priceless. It's a piece of history not only of the family but of the North shore as well. And speaking of the shore there was the Shore Theater right next door to the DuNord Cafe. It was the only theater north of Duluth in that time. It seated 200 people and opened in the 40's and the marque was removed in the early 1980's. The building is still there. And the last picture was my nice dinner at the Blue Water Cafe, the Rib eye was excellent. I was most pleased about it and frankly surprised at how good it was considering the bargain price. After running around all day on the shoreline and hiking in the woods what could be better?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cook County Minnesota ROCKS!

The Winter Tracks Festival is in full swing this weekend.
If you're in Upper Michigan there is the Winter Carnival at Hougton's MTU.
It's enough to make you love winter!

Pierre the Voyageur of Two Harbors MN

Pierre has been saved. He has stood there for 50 years and now has been bought and moved to the Earthwood Inn. There was much concern about Pierre. What is going to happen to him? Thankfully he will be fine and on display for many more years. He is a bit of history and it's fun to explain about him to people that are going up the North shore for the first time.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Seawall Motel Grand Marais, MN.

The last posting was of the waves breaking and freezing on the breakwater of Grand Marais. But of course it's also known as the Seawall. Thinking about this I recalled the Seawall Motel which was located right on Grand Marais Harbor. I recall staying there at least twice on trips up the Northshore and once during a Circle Tour of Lake Superior. I wish I had saved some matches
or a postcard as I often did. I know it was in the 1980's when we stayed there. I'm not certain when it stopped operating and was razed? Red Pine Realty has the vacant lot up for sale on their website listings. If you have a 1/2 million you can have the great view of the harbor.
I believe the motel was razed for a failed Condo project which was fought due to a height problem. But I can't find any past articles about this? I really miss these old motels that are disappearing all too fast. They have a real nostalgia about them even if they are considered rough by today's standards. Sure the new motels and Condos are luxury but do they have the same feel? I really don't think so. You parked your car at these Mom and Pop motels right in front of your door. I to this day really like that. Grand Marais is one of my most favorite spots on the North Shore of Lake Superior. It has that great vibe and feeling to it. And you can just walk all over the place. The best walk of all is on the Seawall to the Lighthouse after you eat.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Grand Marais

The harbor breakwater had some waves breaking over it today making it very icy. Nothing like the huge waves that broke over it last October but still is impressive. The lake really is the boss.
In the top picture you can see more clearly the ice formed on the Seawall. It's a day later...