Monday, February 8, 2010

The Finnish Cabin

While reading books this winter about the early settlers in the U.P of Michigan I have run across much detail about the early homesteads and cabins. They built their shelters or cabins from local materials and by hand. Some of the settlers were Finnish in orgin and build their cabins in wonderful detail. They cut down whatever trees were near their homesteads and hand hewn the logs and then added details to link the logs. Some used the locking dovetail joint at the ends. Others did elaborate notching which I've never seen before. Some however in a hurry before the winter didn't get as fancy. Even their barns looked very nice. There still are some of these cabins and barns in the U.P if you search around.

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Kulkuri said...

Your pictures show what I think is called a lock notch. Most log buildings just had dovetail corners in that area. Down south they used the saddle back notch and a lot of mud to fill the huge gaps between the logs.