Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cascade Lodge Lutsen Minnesota

The Cascade Lodge near Lutsen Minnesota is a 85 year old Lodge. There is a great deal of history related to these old lodges. Alot of nostalgia also. I really like the fact you can stay in these places and feel the history. Behind the lodge are cabins you can rent. Some as old as 1922.They have been restored nicely and the interior logs are really a nice visual treat. You feel like your in the North land when you sleep in a cabin. The smell of the fireplace and the sound of the nearby river is wonderful. It really is a old fashion holiday that someday won't be around anymore. Newer cabins or resorts just don't have the same feeling. A luxury condo at a resort just doesn't give the same touch. I don't want a hot tub or a mint on my pillow. But if you reserve your cabin or lodge room they do have a chocolate chip cookie option if you want some homemade cookies waiting for you. Check out the link below, it's a family lodge and even pets are allowed in some of the cabins. After a few days on the North shore you won't want to leave.


Carla from The River said...

FUN! I love it...we will be checking into this. said...

If you stay off season and during non peak times you can get some very nice prices on cabins. I like going in May before Memorial Day weekend for the Waterfall season.
I have done this once and of course the weather is chilly but the flowing water and huge falls really make up for that. And cabins are alot less as well. If it's chilly you make a roaring fire in the fireplace. What could be better?? Bring the popcorn!