Saturday, October 22, 2011

Grand Marais Mn. Sunset

It was a flawless fall weekend with clear skies and peak color. Nice meals and good hikes. We went to town for dinner but delayed dinner due to a lovely sunset. Dinner can wait, you don't often see this in our daily lives. And in the last picture all the sudden it's gone. The sunset and the fall week. But of course that is what makes it so good, it's precious. I'm already thinking about the next fall and what is to come. It was a summer of the North shore and Grand Marais this year. Never got around the other end of Lake Superior this summer but you can't do everything. I'm lucky to have done what I've done this year. And that is a great deal. Next trip to Lutsen might be to ski? Spring skiing in March? We shall see what comes in the New Year.

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