Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Murals all around Grand Marais Minnesota

You can’t help but notice the big mural on the Beaver House in Grand Marais Mn. But if you look around a bit you will see others as well. There is the Edmond Fitzgerald on a wall and the Steamship America on a store. There are scenes painted here and there. Who did all of this was the question? I got back home and did a look up. A fellow in his early 80’s is the artist. But he doesn’t even think he is a artist, he just paints he says. People keep asking him to do more so he does. This fellow is Lyle Saethre of Grand Marais and he has lived there his entire life. He doesn’t want history to be lost so paints these scenes of the past. They are fantastic and I think everybody really enjoys them. I know we do.

Link to a interview with the artist:

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