Saturday, September 10, 2011

Two types of color

Image from of the aurora flaring up about 10pm.

Stream on the Northshore that is dry due to the lack of rain in the far north of Minnesota.

Tonight there are reports of Aurora up on the North shore. Wish I was there! This seems to be a active year for Northern lights. The other type of color from changing leaves is just beginning. There is just a hint of color on the ridges. Not much but a hint. Drought in the far northern part of the Arrowhead of Minnesota might cause the leaves to drop quickly there? Will see? I have a fall color tour planned and it's all timing. Last year I was just past peak.This year I hope to hit it right on the nose. But that is hard as there are so many factors that cause the timing to change slightly. It would be a double thrill to see the Aurora and the peak fall colors during the same week. Now that would be asking for alot but you never know?

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