Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pagami Creek Fire BWCAW Minnesota

I really enjoy satellite shots from the daily fly over of the weather satellite. You can see the smoke from the Pagami Creek fire in these shots from the last two days. It has not advanced much more then 100,000 acres which it was at yesterday. But that is HUGE! The largest fire since 1918 I have read. The 40mph NW winds on Tuesday really had moved it further then they had expected it to go. Stories in the newspaper of campers being overtaken are quite scary to read. Folks hoping for the best with cabins in the area. It's a remote area and Hotshot firefighters canoed into the area. Helicopters drop equipment and water pumps. The elite firefighters are from Boise Idaho. I was talking about it today and a person said why don't they just put it out? I explained how remote it was, no roads! Helicopters and planes are used to do water drops. The story is getting coverage in the news in Milwaukee and Chicago for the only reason that they are affected. The smoke has come down due to the winds and people can smell it and even see the smoke. It has caused many to call fire departments in Wisconsin and Illinois.

Where is the fire?? It's in Minnesota? How far away?? What??? The fire was caused by lightning and I was near the Boundary Waters in a cabin the week when it happened.

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