Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Climate Change?

No debate about CO2 levels or warming, melting glaciers or jet stream patterns.The pro and cons and political arguments can go on all day on talk radio. All I know is it's been warmer then normal recently in the Northland. Check out this live tower cam from the local TV station in Duluth. I saved this shot because it was a nice picture. I ran across it the other day and thought this is when the ice left the lake? Yes we have had a very early spring this year!


Andrew Slade said...

Our house is just to the right of the Lift Bridge in this picture. We've see ice come and go over the years, but mostly "go." We've had ice on the beach in mid-May, and my wife remembers ice in June. March was so freaky warm, and that's the month that the lake really puts on ice cover. said...

Incredible how warm March was this year. Warmest I've ever seen in my life. Minnesota point is always a favorite.