Monday, April 12, 2010

Summer planning

Time really flies and summer planning has begun. The winter has just gone and spring has arrived. Thoughts instantly turn to what are we doing this summer? It's been awhile since a road trip to Ontario Canada so that is in the planning. The North Shore is part of the route and is a favorite drive. You have to stay somewhere and it has to have a historic story. I like history and you don't find that at a Best Western. So one planned stop will be the Cascade Lodge.

One of the lodges that opened just before the Great Depression and expanded when HWY 61 was paved and tourism after WWII really took off. Imagine driving to Canada in those early days staying at Lodges and eating pie in one of the many Cafes that dotted the drive. Some that are still there today. So hikes are being planned, sights to see and see again. These lodges fill up on weekends and holidays so planning is key. I can't imagine anybody being bored driving around Lake Superior. That just can't be possible! I have a niece that wants to have a wilderness experience she announced this spring. How about seeing a moose? Isle Royale?? Gunflint trail?
Kakabeka Falls in Thunder Bay? Nipigon Canada? I love the planning as much as the trip.

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