Friday, August 19, 2011

Inuksuk marks the way

The Inuit used Inuksuks to make their way in the barren tundra. With no real landmarks it was the only way to find the path. Each August these seem to appear in great numbers on Artist Point at Grand Marais Mn.. They are always there in few but with the increase in vacationers they just explode in numbers on the point. It’s a wonderful treat and really entertaining to see who has made what and how elaborate. Perhaps they are marking the way to a excellent vacation holiday for families in Grand Marais. I don’t know of many better spots with the variety of things to do.


Anonymous said...

Simply awesome! I really like
these shots. Creative people on
the point.

Anonymous said...

Neat! Usually the stones are just stacked up....not as artistic as the pictured ones. Perhaps the "natives" came back!