Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cascade Lodge, Lutsen Minnesota.

Another summer holiday at the Cascade Lodge again this summer! I feel lucky as that was unplanned and there was a opening. The location between Lutsen and Grand Marais Minnesota is ideal. I really enjoy the fact the Lodge is in the Cascade River State Park and you can hike from your door to the waterfalls. Pictured is the Lodge and you can't tell the water from the sky as it was just a picture perfect day. You can also rent cabins if you don't want to stay in the lodge. I really like the cabins near Cascade Creek. The sound of rushing water is very nice at night. And the bottom picture is one of the waterfalls of the Cascade River in the park. It's only a short hike from the Lodge. Hike all morning, get real hungry and have lunch in the Lodge restaurant overlooking Lake Superior. In the wintertime they have groomed XC Ski trails if you enjoy the other seasons as well.


Carla from The River said...

Have CC skied the trails in the winter?

Anonymous said...

Anybody for a Herring Sandwich???

Bayfieldwis.com said...

Downhill skiiing mostly but own
a pair of XC skis as well. I was very pleased this year when I skied and still could do it well.