Friday, July 22, 2011

Sky Dan Moose Plane, Grand Marais,Mn.

In Grand Marias Minnesota you can take a ride on a Cessna float plane and look for a moose. Not your everyday occurance at all. Flying alone in a Cessna is alot of fun,taking off and landing in a float plane is more exciting. The landscape of the Boundary Waters and Forest is a huge expanse.And there she is, a cow moose in a marshy pond digging around for aquadic plants for dinner. Yes that spot in the last picture is the moose from about 800 feet. I didn't have my zoom lens with me. But you get the idea. Sometimes in the afternoons Anderson Aero is at the Grand Marais harbor. Sky Dan is a nick name of course. Our pilot was his partner Mike. They know the spots for moose. What I really enjoy is seeing the entire area by air. What lakes I didn't know the pilot sure did of course. You really can cover the landscape in minutes. We were all the way up to the Brule River to the North at one point. Hikers know that river as you can hike to Devil's Kettle waterfall at Judge Magney State Park. The Naniboujou Lodge is there as well.

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