Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's high summer Festival time!

It’s high summer tourist season and festival time. It’s nonstop from here at Grand Marais Mn. It all begins with the Dragon Boat Festival this weekend, followed by the big Fisherman’s picnic and then the Rendezvous at Grand Portage. On the top picture is the quiet harbor which won’t be that way this weekend when those Dragon Boats get going.
A good vantage point is from the roof of the Gunflint Tavern in the second photo and my favorite place to stay is in the last photo. I really enjoy the old fashion family lodge with all the hiking trails and the Cascade stream and River for the waterfalls. I will be there for one of the festivals. I only wish I could do them all. I could park myself there all summer and never be bored. So much to do and see.

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