Thursday, June 30, 2011

July Holiday week

When the weather is often the most warm inland I head for the North Shore of Minnesota.
The air will be fresh and cool near the lake. The forecast this year says so again. The Lupines are in bloom. The waterfalls are flowing nicely after last weeks rains. And I must take a paddle along the shore in the kayak. Of course there will be hiking and a few nice meals out in the areas fine restaurants. But best of all is the scenery and peace. The simple pleasures away from the daily routine and of course work. Work? What is that? I've forgotten it already. I'll think about it again in a few weeks. Perhaps? Or I'll still be day dreaming of the North Shore views on the coastline? I plan on seeing everything from Duluth to the border.


Anonymous said...

Bastards in St. Paul screwing up our camping plans! I hope those right wing asses are happy.
We all will be voting in the next election.

Anonymous said...

Not stopping us Dude! There are many many fine resorts and motels to stay at in the wilderness areas and along the North Shore. Seek them out....a new adventure and treat! Too nice to stay home and grumble.....the nightly news alone will give you lots of material for that!!!!

Anonymous said...

Screw those ass clowns in St. Paul.
We just walked around the barriers
and still had a good time. I just
feel bad for the workers that will
have to clean those over full toilets at the waysides. That is really a big mess.