Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brighton Beach, Duluth Minnesota

Just outside of Duluth as you approach the expressway to Two Harbors is Brighton Beach Road and what I still call Brighton Beach. But the sign says Gitche Gammi Park or Gumee? I think it's Gammi and it's the poet Longfellow that has us all saying Gummi with his Hiawatha poem. It's all very confusing to visitors I have in my car with me. There is a Kitchi Gammi club in Duluth that spells it with a K and so on. I don't know when the sign went up at the park but it's always going to be Brighton Beach to me. Either way it's a wonderful spot to take visitors to the area and see the waves hit the rocks. Kids just love the rocks and climbing all over them. While visiting recently somebody was getting married right there next to the lake.

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