Monday, April 18, 2011

Surfing USA Duluth Style!

Took a long weekend due to spring fever even if there was very little spring in the North land. But it turned out to be far more interesting then if the weather was nice. We had a gale with a strong northeast wind due to the massive low pressure system that brought all the tornadoes to the south. That wind blew in snow squalls and of course blew up some nice large waves on Lake Superior. After driving up to see the waterfalls we took the scenic drive from Two Harbors to Duluth along the shore. There they were, surfers just off of Stony Point. They were catching some large waves and getting into the curls. They had some nice rides due to the large waves. It made for a wonderful scene that only happens once and awhile in Duluth. There is a Duluth Surf Club and they put out alerts on their blog to tell others that the waves are good. According to their web site there are about 40 surfers in the Duluth area. Hard to beat the North Shore! The big waterfalls, weather, waves and surfers. And after all of that there are many places to eat on the way home. It's plain to see in the last picture why it's called Stony Point. Really interesting rocks. The spot is about 12 miles north of Duluth on scenic old HWY 61. If you're hungry there is the Lighthouse Restaurant, Nokomis and the New Scenic Cafe all within just a few miles of Stony Point. Eat and watch the lake out the window at the same time.

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