Saturday, April 9, 2011

The last of the old London Road Motels,Duluth Mn.

This week they razed the last of what I call the old London Road motels. Motels from the 50's and 60's. The Chalet was knocked down and I found it sad as it's a passing of a era. The era of the old motels that you drove right up to your door. They were called Motor Courts in the early days. London Road was called Motel Row in the 1950's as there were so many. The Chalet, the Lake Motel, The Lake Aire, The Viking and the Flamette Motel. Of course the Edgewater which is now the big waterpark Hotel. The old Edgewater is now gone also. All of this is making me just a bit sad because of all the good memories of trips to Duluth and staying in the motels. Some of the people that were on those trips with us are gone as well. It also makes me feel old to recall all of this. But it is really great history and Duluth is nothing but history. I only hope that somebody has saved that old London Manor sign that was under the Chalet Motel sign. That is really a old motel that once existed on London Road.


Anonymous said...

The Chalet was a real down and out place in recent years. Read the reviews at tripadviser for a good giggle.

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