Friday, February 4, 2011

Grand Marais

The harbor breakwater had some waves breaking over it today making it very icy. Nothing like the huge waves that broke over it last October but still is impressive. The lake really is the boss.
In the top picture you can see more clearly the ice formed on the Seawall. It's a day later...


Andrew Slade said...

There's a lovely set of snow sculptures in the harbor park now, one of which looks like the lighthouse in this picture. With all the grays and whites yesterday, plus the waves rolling in off the lake, it was a "cool" day in the GM harbor, for sure! said...

Anybody remeber the Seawall Motel?
I've spent a few nights there.
It was a nice location and it was
torn down for Condos which never came to be due to a lawsuit by local residents due to a height problem. I'm so glad they defeated that project. I can't recall what year they razed the motel???