Saturday, January 22, 2011

Delta Diner

Off the beaten path a bit just south of Iron River Wisconsin is the Delta Diner. It's a very busy place at lunch time even in the winter. It even looks nicer with snow surrounding the diner.


Anonymous said...

We just took a drive from the Bayfield area to have supper at the Diner! It was "Hamburger Monday"....and Todd puts out some really good burgers. Homemade, fresh buns with your choice of "extra-special" toppings. I had a Blackjack pattie (with peppercorns in the meat) and a Mushroom & cheese topping....Yum! My friend had a "Ho-Hum) pattie....plain meat with a Nino topping....whoa...onions,spinach. red peppers and a jalepeno flavored garlic mix....whoa again! So good...and Delta's fries on the side. GO MONDAYS!!! Worth the drive to the diner in the woods!

Anonymous said...

By the by.....if you ever have been to the diner you must have met BILLY!!!!! Billy is in his 84th year and is a regular at the diner. He loves to tell you of the early years at Delta township. One always expects to see Billy when they visit the diner.