Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A moment in time captured

A wonderful week long vacation and a secret waterfall somewhere on the North shore of Minnesota. A young girl really enjoying herself and the joys of exploring waterfalls that few ever see. A moment in time captured and kept forever. Do you remember when? I can't believe how young I looked! Wasn't it all so great. Take a few thousand digital pictures each summer as you will never regret it. In the middle of the winter you can scan them and make plans for next season. Does anybody have any guesses where this waterfall is? I'm not sure it even has a name? Sorry no prise for correct guesses but the pride of being correct.


Andrew Slade said...

I'm gonna go with the Kadunce River about a quarter mile upstream from Highway 61. said...

Bingo! The Winner and North Shore
expert. I think it was closer to
a half mile but correct just the same. Fun on a nice day to walk it in the stream bed. Put on the water shoes and go right up the river. I need to make these harder
next time. Grandpa said Bingo when
we were correct. Still alive at 104years old. Good Norwegians last