Saturday, November 20, 2010

Great Sand Bay Michigan

On the western side of the Keweenaw in the U.P of Michigan is Great Sand Bay. A huge bay that is also a favorite spot for agate hunting. It is really a great view and good place to hike on the beach. In the distance is the Monastery dome just barely visible. Many may know it for the Jampot and the great goodies the Monks sell from their store. Years ago when buying fudge brownies I asked what do you do all winter? When the tourist season is over? They said, UPS! They ship the fruitcakes and jams on UPS! Well of course I thought, how clever is that. The Jampot is now a regular stop for many when visiting the Keweenaw. Just northeast of Eagle River on M-28. This drive all the way to Copper Harbor is one of my favorites in the U.P.

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