Saturday, June 12, 2010

Trip planning and research

The big summer travel season is upon us. Those that are able to get away for a few weeks should make plans and enjoy the region. For me the planning is part of the process.I really enjoy thinking about things in advance and web surfing all the options. You have only so much time and there is so much. You could spend a month around Lake Superior and never see it all. Back in the late 1930's Grandpa and Grandma drove their Model A up the North Shore which I understand was gravel at that time. It apparently wasn't paved or blacktopped until the mid 1940's or after WWII. It was a true adventure back then. They went as far as Port Arthur Ont. This is now the city of Thunder Bay Ont. To the west was Kakabeka Falls and it was yet to be a Provincial park until 1955. There was a hotel at the falls back then. I wish they had pictures of that.This is the picture taken of them taken on a viewing pod back in the early days. I will recreate that picture in a few weeks with the great granddaughter.

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Check out that guys tie!!!