Saturday, June 5, 2010

Canal Park Development

A developer wants to build a hotel on Minnesota Point it was reported today in the Duluth Mn. news. Sadly this is often the trend in a nice place. People want to come and enjoy what we know is very nice so the demand is there for more rooms and more stores. I'm not much for over development and some people living on on Minnesota Point also agree stated the Duluth newspaper. But there is the balance between the need for jobs and the preserving of a way of life. Residents of the sand spit once inhabited by Indians likely enjoy their world the way it is already. Extra traffic is OK for the Art shows and other short term activities but how much more traffic will a luxury hotel cause? Alot of questions for zoning commissions and city councils to figure out in meetings.


Andrew Slade said...

Thanks for pointing this out. The proposed hotel is literally RIGHT ACROSS the street from us. The big windows from the swimming pool will have a great view of our front door and kids' bedrooms. We are organizing the neighbors and working with city staff to get this stopped. said...

Yes I don't believe Minnesota Point needs a hotel or any large development. I visit at least once or twice a year and enjoy the beach and hike behind the airport.
The view is wonderful as the picture shows from the beach. The overhead picture was taken a few years ago from the Cesnna float plane ride at Sky Harbor. Over development can ruin something special and change the flavor of the area. Don't need it.

Anonymous said...

NPR's To the Best of Our Knowledge this week addresses Sense of Place and community in this weekends program.

It is why we don't need over development on Park Point or anywhere for that matter.

Anonymous said...

The big hotels on Park Point are grossly over priced and a family can hardly afford a weekend there.
You would spend a great deal for a three day holiday weekend. Who needs that.