Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Duluth Memories

Doing some rainy weekend house cleaning recently has generated interest in Duluth history that related to trips taken in the early 1980's. I like many would collect postcards from trips and places visited. Since these trips are nearing 30 years ago I've had to really think hard to recreate these experiences. (Wish I dated photos)
I also heard the saying that just because it happened to you doesn't make it interesting. So bear with me and enjoy the pictures at least. I recalled eating at the Flame Restaurant and the fact they had tour boats. The Flame Boat and the Flamingo boat. I can't find a postcard of the Flame Boat but found one of the Flamingo.
Also recall staying at London Road motels alot as this was the main passage thru Duluth before
the Interstate 35 was built thru Duluth. You would take Superior Street and London Road before heading north on HWY 61. Locals used to call it Motel Row because there were so many.
We would stay on London Road and take day trips to places of interest on the North Shore. Gooseberry Falls and hiking trails. I recall staying at the Edgewater Motel, Viking Motel and the Lake Aire Motel. There were others but I can't recall the names or have the postcards of them. Does anybody recall the others??

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Anonymous said...

The Chalet Motel is one I recall.