Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day weekend and Buena Vista Supper Club

Recently while touring Skyline Drive I recalled the Buena Vista Super Club and Motel. Torn down and replaced by a Condo development that was built at the peak of the housing boom. It seems to be mostly empty due to financial problems. One of the best views in Duluth was from the dining room at the Buena Vista. The reason I know Duluth like I do is from failed Memorial Day weekend camping trips. We would do canoe trips and State Forest camping trips. 30 years ago on Memorial Day weekends it almost always was wet and cold.(Enter your own climate change rant) We could last about a day or two and then take to the motels in Duluth and tour around in the car to avoid the rain. Yes wimpy campers indeed. But because of this we did things in Duluth, ate and stayed in motels that are now all gone. But I saved postcards and pictures and really recall fondly these holiday weekend adventures.


Anonymous said...

View was great, the food wasn't anything.

Anonymous said...

The Pickwick is still around.