Monday, May 24, 2010

El Grande View

It was a very nice weekend before the big rain storm hit on Sunday night.Good for touring around and sightseeing despite the Interstate 35 construction. The Bong Bridge was a good alternate for crossing from Wisconsin. It provides a different view of the St. Louis Bay then the normal High Bridge or Blatnik Bridge usual crossing. Canal Park was pretty quiet but I believe that will change next weekend. Can anybody guess where this scenic view of Duluth was taken from? I really like the city of Duluth and the North shore. It has alot of character.
Yes it is the Skyline Drive and the view from Enger Tower.
It truly is a gem that needs some updating on the road surface someday soon.


Anonymous said...

Skyline Drive of course.

Anonymous said...

Lester Park and the big wooden bridge was really something back in the old days. It's a popular swimming hole still. Interesting scenery.