Sunday, May 9, 2010

Delta Diner

South of Iron River Wisconsin on HWY H is the Delta Diner. This restored diner placed in the woods is just a wonderful place to eat. They do more then a excellent job of serving fine foods. Everything from bacon and eggs to a Prime Rib Sandwich for lunch. The setting in the township of Delta on a very scenic road makes it more enjoyable. Many lakes in the area with summer visitors will have this diner hopping all summer. They are open even in the winter on weekends.
If you like nostalgia this is the place for you. A real old fashion diner that is the real deal.
I have no idea who these people are? But they look a bit off center to me.


Anonymous said...

Those folks are hardly off center...they are "right on target" for sure. They KNOW a great place to dine. Word has it that they just enjoyed the awesome "Prime Rib Sandwich" for lunch. They think nothing of driving from Bayfield to Delta for the "special" ambiance and great food!

Anonymous said...

I think the lady drank her lunch?
She ain't right!