Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dolmen in Upper Michigan

Recently while reading a history book about Upper Michigan I ran across some information about a Dolmen on Huron Mountain Northwest of Marquette. I had never heard of a Dolmen
much less known what it was? The fact there is one on Huron Mountain and another in Northern Minnesota is fascinating. Who put them there? What are they? How did they move that big rock on top of the smaller rocks? Were there people here before the native Indians? The book author believes people came across the Atlantic after the Copper in Upper Michigan. The bronze age was the period this occurred. My thought was how did they know about the copper? The questions are many.
Some info about the Dolmen in Minnesota:


Andrew Slade said...

Apparently there's a third one in Pukaskwa.

Bayfieldwis.com said...

The one I know about is up the Sawbill Trail and on a lake in that area. It's also on the web.
This is incredible stuff.

Anonymous said...

The Vikings were here

Anonymous said...

Minoians really.