Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Time past on Bearskin

This character is proudly standing in front of a Gunflint Trail cabin on East Bearskin Lake. His Grandfather built the cabin in the 1940’s and it’s still owned by a member of the family. The visit to the cabin brings back very fond memories of a time past. Car trips in the 1970’s to see Grandpa, fish with Grandpa and spend time with family. To recall these memories almost brings a tear to the eye because they were such good times. A more relaxed time when people had time to get together and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. I think we have lost that, to just sit and be, watch the lake and have a nice conversation while watching the loons. And there is no reception for the I-Phone.


Anonymous said...

I know this guy. Jeez, what a creep he is.

Anonymous said...

He does look a bit scary.
I hope he doesn't own a axe or something?

Anonymous said...

I could fish all day in the Gunflint area and not ever be bored.