Wednesday, June 10, 2009

From the Land of Sky Blue Waters.

If you are old enough this advertising campaign and jingle is stuck in your brain forever.

You might recall the cascading crystal clear water and the song "From the land of sky blue waters" Hamm's Beer.
One of the ads were filmed near the Gunflint trail at Little Rock Falls not far from the famous Gunflint Lodge.

A Minnesota beer fresher then all the rest due to the sky blue waters was one of the most successful ads in history at the time for beer. At that time people believed most beers were all the same. This ad convinced them Hamm's was better due to where it was from. After all what could be more pure and clean then the North woods of Minnesota? The song:

Thanks to the visitor that mentioned these facts as his Grandfather built a cabin on the Gunflint Trail in the 1940's and he knows the history well.

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Anonymous said...

My Grandfather had a Hamm's beer
sign in his basement that was the cascade that seemed to move due
to the light in it. I sure wish he had kept it as it would be quite a collectable today.