Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bentleyville Duluth Minnesota

A few shots of Bentleyville in Duluth Minnesota. Each year they add more and more lights. It’s quite the attraction. Would be nice if it snowed before Christmas this year.The last shot is the daily fly over Satellite shot of Lake Superior Region. I love it when the lakes freeze in the Boundary Waters and you can see them clearly on the shot. The sheer volume of lakes is astounding to me. How did the Explorers of old find their way?Imagine the wilderness back then as right now it’s pretty incredible present day.

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Anonymous said...

What a fantastic display of lights at Bentleyville!!! We thoroughly enjoyed an evening there recently. New features are added each year. Talked to a volunteer who expressed delight in putting on a costume and interacting with the excited children. Special cookies, beverages, popcorn and even roasting marshmallows.....whoa!!! Such a colorful and pleasureable activity for the Christmas season. Hats off!!!!