Friday, November 18, 2011

The Snowshoe Priest

As you travel up the North Shore of Minnesota right before you arrive at Tofte Mn. you come to a wayside and the Cross River. You can stop at the bridge and look at a nice waterfall and hike up the river a bit. But I'm guessing quite a few have no idea why it's called Cross River and that you can drive to the mouth of the river and see a Cross marker. Bishop Baraga made a crossing from Wisconsin with a open canoe and two Indian paddlers to render aid due to a epidemic. It's a miracle he made it considering how quickly Lake Superior can change. In the winter he would snowshoe to missions and was called the Snowshoe Priest.But the canoe Priest could apply in this case. So next time you arrive at the Cross River take a right toward the lake and check out the nice views and the marker. The mouth of the river is a nice spot in the summertime. These shots were taken on a wonderful August day. This weekend there is a storm warning and skiers are hoping for the first big snowfall of the new winter season.

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