Monday, May 2, 2011

Honeymoon Bluff

I was going to do a where is Waldo quiz here but I know folks would know this spot. A bit chilly this spring but that isn't stopping our spring touring of the Northshore. The climb up Honeymoon Bluff is short but steep. The view is outstanding of Hungry Jack Lake below a few hundred feet. And while up on top a small snow squall blew threw and told us that it's not quite spring in the region. We hiked around and worked up a appetite and went down to Grand Marais for Lunch. In the top picture you can just about see the snow coming in the distance. I have some fear that this summers tourist season might see the effects of high gasoline prices. I always like to see families with young kids on the Northshore having a good time. When hiking or touring the waterfalls it's always nice to see kids discovering the wonder of it all. Lake Superior waves and rocks however always seem to be the biggest draw.

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