Sunday, October 17, 2010

Late fall trip up the North shore.

The leaves went fast this year but there was still some color to be seen in areas. The weather has been fantastic this fall with warmer then average temperatures and clear skies. Perfect for touring around the North land. And after a nice meal you watch the twilight at Grand Marais harbor and go make a fire in a historic cabin. You can stay in one of the newer condo resorts with all the extras but it won't give you that real feeling of the North shore. The cabin was built in 1922 and has been restored very nicely. It should last for years to come. As you can see the stream that runs past the cabin was almost dry. The Arrowhead region has a drought. Perhaps they will get some heavy snows this winter that will also keep the cross country trails open
and Lutsen Ski Resort busy. Grand Marais is a wonderful small town with about anything you could want. Plenty of good places to eat,shop and be entertained.

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