Monday, August 9, 2010

Cooler by the lake?

Here is what the beach looks like in a real picture.......

Tomorrow in Duluth the forecast is to be 83 degrees and 70% humidity. Pretty toasty for Duluth Minnesota even in August. Enjoy it while you can, fall is around the corner. This old postcard was advertising the nice cool breezes of Park Point beach. I don't recall seeing that many people on the beach as shown in the postcard but it would be entertaining if that many folks showed up tomorrow on the hot day.


Andrew Slade said...

Hmmm....I suspect a little photo manipulation was used for this postcard. The beach is about four times too wide. The thermometer, however, is pretty cool. said...

Yes it does look quite wide and they are promoting a cooler temp
as well. That is advertising!
Sure glad the hotel was defeated
on Canal Park also. It's nice
just the way it is and over development isn't wanted.