Thursday, July 8, 2010

Then and Now

I really like historic things and staying at places with history and character. The old lodges on the Northshore and in the Boundary Waters really have that appeal. To stay in a cabin that was built in 1923 and has been kept up all these years is a real treat. Cascade Lodge has several old cabins behind the lodge and a few newer cabins as well. All near Cascade Creek and trails that lead to the Cascade River State park with about five larger waterfalls and great hiking trails.
The weather was perfect and cool enough at night to build large fires in the stone fireplace.
This is what we were wanting in the evenings. Cool weather for fires at night. I found the entire Lodge and Cabins very enjoyable. I noticed online that people were complaining about the Lodge and cabins as being too rustic or rough. It's entertaining how fussy people are today. This isn't the Four Seasons? Your sort of on a rustic adventure in the Northland. And in a lodge of over 80 years old you might find some things worn a bit. It lends to the character of the place. The log book in the cabin had entries of people from all over the world. Even China and Russia. It really captures a kids mind to think they are somewhere special enough to draw visitors from all over the globe.

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