Friday, December 11, 2009

Speaking of snow

This famous photo of a past big winter storm that didn't miss Duluth.The house on Canal Park was almost buried by the wind and drifts. Perhaps somebody could mention the date? I don't recall the exact date of this huge storm. Will Duluth have another this year???


Andrew Slade said...

Funny. Our house is the next one to the right, just out of the frame. This was March 2007.The lake was frozen over and smooth, so all the snow that fell on the lake blew into shore and only stopped in the lee side of standing our house. said...

Two years already! I recall that storm as if it was last year. What a fantastic picture. I'm sure you were on your skis to get around that day or snowshoes. I always take visitors to the area out to Minnesota point and explain what a sand spit is and how it's formed.
I find Duluth one of the most interesting areas for history. Geography of the North Shore is really interesting as well.