Saturday, October 24, 2009

Harbor Haus of Copper Harbor Mi.

Unique dining can be found at the Harbor Haus at Copper Harbor Michigan.
As you enter, you first notice the copper doors. In the entry is a bear greeting diners.
Located right on the harbor it has a nice view of the ship that leaves for Isle Royale daily.
When the ship returns in the evening, the staff does a silly dance welcoming it back.
The staff wearing German dress serves a list of wonderful dishes. That saucer shaped building next to the restaurant is their bed and breakfast. Take a stroll on their dock after dinner and look at the sunset. It is an interesting must do while visiting Copper Harbor. And there is that Brit couple again, being a small village you might run into the same people often while touring.
Her main concern was a good stiff drink and a Chocolate Souffle'. The fellow was just pleased to stand next to a bear.


Anonymous said...

The bear is not alive. You should point that out. Otherwise some people might be frightened.

Anonymous said...

Lets just pretend it's alive.
It's just a teddy bear that
loves all visitors that come to the Harbor Haus.

Anonymous said...

The place is overrated.
There not even close to being
a German restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Too harsh, it's a nice place
that doesn't pretend to be anything
but popular. Sort of like the entire Copper Harbor area.

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