Saturday, January 9, 2010

Camp, Cottage or cabin? Or even Yurt in some parts of the Northland.

Adirondack Style, Lundie design, or just plain cabin.

During the winter and long evenings its wonderful to read and research the history of the Northland. The Camps and Lodges and who did what and when. To read about the camps of the early 1900’s which were turned into much more then camps but real luxury. Places like the McCormick Wilderness Tract and the Huron Mountain Club. People that were captains of Industry that found the need to get back to nature and be rigorous in the outdoors. After all Theodore Roosevelt promoted this idea.Henry Ford in Upper Michigan with friends like Harvey Firestone and Thomas Edison. Imagine those fireside conversations. Venturing deep into what was truly the wilderness and old growth tracts of forests untouched. Some still that way today. It really gets the imagination flowing doesn’t it?


Anonymous said...

Yurt is a great guy. Know him well. Great on toast, and always wipes himself after he's through.

Anonymous said...

I believe Yurk is from Sweden and likes to fish for cod. He was so busy fishing he just put up a funny looking tent.